Drip-catcher pitcher


This minimal and elegant pitcher is produced in Jingdezhen, the Chinese porcelain capital. It is made of the typical thin and translucent porcelain of this area. Personally selected by nannuoshan during one of our trip to Jingdezhen, it was spotted in a small workshop run by young artisans and designers.

The pitcher has a drip-catcher spout; the artist conceived it during a long study and by means of several prototypes. The pitchers are forged in a mould and then refined one by one by hand; each piece is crafted with an eye for detail. The production is limited, but thanks to the combination of mould and hand crafting the price is competitive despite excellent quality and unique design.

The pitcher is available in two different colors:

  • White: both outer and inner surface is smooth and white.
  • Black: outer surface is black, pitted and rough; inner surface is smooth and white.
Read more about our trip to Jingdezhen here.
  • MATERIAL:  White porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  194 ml
  • DIAMETER:  6.7 cm
  • HEIGHT:  7.2 cm


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